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Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:CY) Modulus Toolbox, a Welcome Addition to IoT Products, Simplifies Development of IoT Applications

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:CY) new modulus toolbox suite is a unified software suite that uses the Arm Mbed OS to achieve an easier to work with the platform. This platform allows developers to create differentiated IoT applications that have complete device-to-cloud application development flows.

This software gives developers the capability to design in the connectivity, processing, sensing and security functionality that they require. Cypress’ Wi-Fi® will augment this functionality, Bluetooth®, and combo solutions, as well as its low-power, flexible and secure PSoC MCUs. Cypress’ ModusToolbox suite brings stellar connectivity, computing, security, and sensing together in a single environment.

The company’s stock closed at $15.30 in the last session after opening at $15.40 and trading to a high of $15.47 and a low of $15.28 during the same session.

Features of the ModusToolbox™

The new ModusToolbox™ brings a wealth of design resources from Cypress’ WICED IoT connectivity libraries as well as the analog and digital peripheral libraries of its PSoC®. Cypress’ WICED (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) is an integrated and interoperable wireless software development kit (SDK) contained in ModusToolbox.

This WICED SDK will allow fast cloud connectivity with huge libraries that uniquely integrate cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix, Alibaba Cloud, and Microsoft Azure as well as private cloud partner services.

The Modulus Toolbox Suite is compatible with a wide range of RTOS- is open source characterized and is cloud-ecosystem compatible by its integration with Arm Mbed OS. Arm Mbed OS is an open-source operating system that allows developers to build IoT devices with security and connectivity features.

Michael Hogan, senior vice president of the IoT Compute and Wireless Business Unit at Cypress, believes the best semiconductors focus on the hardware layer and allow the designer to focus on the system-level and applications-layer implementation. He said, “Cypress is transforming its IoT solutions to a software-first approach, which is clearly what innovative designers crave.”

Cypress is a world-leading embedded solutions provider following their best-in-class automotive, industrial, smart home appliances, consumer electronics, and medical product innovations.

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