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Datasea Inc (NASDAQ: DTSS) Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Signs Six Acquisition and Delivery Contracts

Datasea Inc (NASDAQ: DTSS) has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Shuhai Zhangxun Information Technology Co., Ltd. has signed six acquisition and delivery contracts that will provide 5G Message-marketing Cloud Platform Version 3.0. In addition, these contracts will enhance product obtainability nationwide in China by adding new district associates.

Under the agreement, six companies will pay Shuhai Zhangxun $136,940, approximately

5G MMCP creates meaning to unite client and prospect promotion indicators in a single assessment with purposes like specific SaaS value-added facilities, data monetization, and message marketing. Shuhai Zhangxun reached into acquisition and delivery contracts with six companies positioned in Nei Mongol, Anhui, Chongqing, and Zhejiang.

Under the contracts, six companies will collaborate with Shuhai Zhangxun as district associates, relish the select approval in selected districts to dispense 5G MMCP Version 3.0, and have admission to a sales commission. In interchange, the six companies will pay Shuhai Zhangxun for providing 5G Messaging products and amenities, and the total value of these arrangements is RMB 886,000 (or $136,940 approximately). Shuhai Zhangxun has by now received RMB 490,400 (or $75,796 roughly).

Liu Zhixin, CEO of Datasea, commented, “Datasea’s investigation and development squad has been making continuing determinations to advance and reinforce our products as we trust a stable flow of improvements, industriously implemented, will have transformational consequences.”

Liu Zhixin added,” Along with those exertions is our speedily extended delivery grid countrywide, and I am very satisfied to add six new district associates. We are also observing snowballing claim and queries from clienteles and business associates about 5G MMCP.”

Shuhai Zhangxun arrives into a contract with National Engineering Laboratory for Logistics Information Technology

In other news, Shuhai Zhangxun revealed that it had arrived into a collaboration contract with National Engineering Laboratory for Logistics Information Technology to mutually back the design of 5G Messaging values in the express business in China.

The National Engineering Laboratory is accepted by the National Development and Reform Commission of China and led by YTO Express. According to the arrangement, the company will vest the express business with its 5G Message-marketing Cloud Platform (5G MMCP). It will also work with National Engineering Laboratory to mature values in interchange and partaking of logistics info and endorse 5G messaging amenities.

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