Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE: DB) International Private Bank Unit Provides Employment Opportunities to Seven Bankers in the Americas

It is a good turn for about seven bankers in the Americas following the move by Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE: DB) international private bank unit to offer them job positions. 

New hires and plans underway

On Friday, the unit made the pronouncement and spoke about its plans for the future in business. It looks forward to brighter times ahead and will be counting on some of the decisions it has been making lately, one of them being hiring the officials mentioned above. It reveals that it absorbed them on merit and has confidence in their capabilities in helping move its business forward in the future. It has its eye focused on the region and will strengthen its business in the entire region. 

These bankers come from several banks, namely the Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC), Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C), and Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE: GS) Wealth Management. They will be joining forces with San Francisco, New York, and the Latin America teams.

Focus on better service delivery

The U.S. operations also have plans to add to their teams, and they hinted that they would pick up persons from Florida, the West Coast, and New York. 

The German lender’s IPB unit is known for its leading services. It serves the high net-worth individuals and their families. Part of the services it delivers includes wealth and advisory management services. It is currently looking for new strategies to help it serve customers better, including working with some of the greatest minds. 

A lot has been going on lately. Part of that being Deutsche Bank’s move to hire Jeffrey Wong from Goldman Sachs. Wong will become the head of Hong Kong investment banking coverage. The new executive has worked at Goldman Sachs, and his experience will be helpful in his new role. 

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