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Developing IoT Applications Simplified with ON Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:ON) RSL10 Sensor Development Kit

ON Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:ON) continues to augment its product line with industry-grade products, this time with the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit. The RSL10 Sensor Development Kit launched recently aims to make it easier for engineers to develop highly effective IoT applications using revolutionary smart sensor technology.

Despite the unveiling of the new kit, the company’s stock has not shown a remarkable rise, having closed at $22.78 representing a 0.83% drop from its opening price during the just ended business day.

About the Kit

Moreover, the smart sensor technology is powered by the lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy radio in the field. ON Semiconductors incorporated cutting-edge features in the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit to enhance developers’ user experience.

The development kit combines the genius capabilities of the RSL10 System-in-Package (RSL10 SIP) with Bosch Sensortec’s proprietary low power sensors.

Furthermore, the kit comes with 9 degrees of freedom (DoF) for sensing and monitoring changes in the eminent environment. Besides, the platform provides engineers with sufficient light, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and a variety of ambient atmospheric conditions including pressure, humidity, and temperature.

Among the notable features of the kit is the ultra-low noise digital mic together with readily programmable RGB LED and a 64 kbit EEPROM among others.

Contributor’s Remarks

Dr. Peter Weigand, the Vice President of Marketing at Bosch Sensortec speaking about his company’s contribution in the building of the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit spoke highly of the opportunity to collaborate with ON Semiconductor.

Weigand further stated that “The RSL10 Sensor Kit combines motion and environmental sensing with the ultra-low power capabilities of the Bluetooth 5 certified RSL10 to enable a new class of consumer and industrial IoT applications with improved sensor technology and longer battery life.”

Engineers can access the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit through a mobile application, RSL 10 Sense, and Control through which they can review the kit’s features. The mobile platform can also be used to support multiple commercial cloud platforms through which sensor data can be uploaded.

The Chief of IoT at ON Semiconductor, Wiren Perera believes that the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit builds with the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy Radio will set the precedence for future designs. The department head expressed his delight with Bosch Sensortec’s contribution to the development kit.

Interested users can get the development kit ON Semiconductor alongside other IoT platforms including the Bluetooth IoT Development Kit and a couple of other places.

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