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Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE:DBD) Expects New Appointments To Drive Their DN Now Transformation Plan

Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE:DBD) has made announcements of appointment of three key personnel as they look to strengthen their senior management team.

In the appointments, Jeffrey Rutherford who joined as the company interim Chief Financial Officer recently is expected to fill the position permanently. On the other hand, the chief digital officer is Julian Sparkes who joins the company as a senior vice president. Also, Hermann Wimmer is joining Diebold Nixdorf as the global retail senior vice president.

Appointment of Jeffrey Rutherford

Jeffrey Rutherford joined the company in October last year and was named interim Chief Financial Officer of Diebold Nixdorf a position that he has now taken up on a permanent basis.

He joined Diebold Nixdorf from leading tech consultancy firm Edgewater Technology (NASDAQ:EDGW). He had held the position of Chief Financial Officer in many firms before his time at Edgewater that include Park-Ohio Holdings Corp, Ferro Corporation, LESCO, UAP Holding as well as Office Max.

Rutherford brings on board broad experience in leadership as well as value creation and transformative initiatives.

Role of Julian Sparkes

In his new position, Julian Sparkes as a digital officer will be responsible for the streamlining, simplifying as well as digitizing of the company’s infrastructure to enhance the experiences of their employees as well as their customers.

Mr Sparkes has over 35 years of IT outsourcing and digital transformation experience and also having served in senior leadership positions for almost a decade.

He joins Diebold Nixdorf from big-data analytics company PRGX Global Inc. having worked at IBM and Accenture prior to that in modernizing business application of various multinationals for Internet of Things, cloud, deploying new mobile technology as well as big data applications through consolidation of data centres so as to automate the supply chain functions of these companies.

Global retail executive

Hermann Wimmer joins Diebold Nixdorf to lead the global retail business, and he will be responsible for operations and retail strategy of the company that includes customer relationship management, business development as well as management of global sales.

Before joining Diebold Nixdorf, he worked at ForgeRock a company that deals with the management of digital identity and access where he worked as a chief revenue officer. He has over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in major IT and data analytics companies.

He has worked with NCR and Teradata as well as EMEA and Asia-Pacific where he held senior management roles.

He is known in his efforts in these companies of helping define their growth strategies, revenue, operation and also profits in the big data and data analytics business. He succeeds Mark Brewer who has already left Diebold Nixdorf to pursue other goals.

Speaking about the appointments, the company President and CEO, Gerrard Schmid, indicated that he was pleased to offer Rutherford the role of CFO after performing exemplarily in the three months that he had been in the company and he was glad to have him as they continue to implement their DN Now transformation plan.

Also, he acknowledged Julian and Hermann as reliable and experienced leaders who will significantly help in the execution of their DN Now Plan through the strengthening their team as well as connect their commerce strategy across the globe.

The CEO remains optimistic that Julian will transform the digital experiences of their employees and customers as well as enhance the company’s digital strategy. ┬áHermann is expected to aid the company in capitalizing on vital business opportunities in the retail industry to ensure they continue delivering better solutions.

Stock market movement

The current stock price of Diebold Nixdorf is $2.84 with a previous close market capitalization of $216.19 million. The latest high was $3.08 with a low of $2.62 after opening the day at $2.68. The past year they had a 52-week change with a low of $2.41 and a high of $19.05.


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