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Document Security Systems Inc.’s (NYSEAMERICAN: DSS) Subsidiary Impact Biomedical Offers Updates In Its Research Projects

Document Security Systems Inc.’s (NYSEAMERICAN: DSS) wholly-owned subsidiary Impact Biomedical Inc. has released several updates of its main research projects, including breakthroughs in treatment protocols, significant collaborations, and global licensing prospects. The announcement of the updates is a start for the next phase of Impact Biomedical’s research agenda and positioning as a global biotech leader. 

Impact Biomedical advancing cutting edge tech for drug discoveries 

Chan Heng Fai, Document Security Systems Chairman, said, “All of these products show DSS’ commitment to innovation and a stronger future to practical biotechnology that helps all people.” 

Impact Biomedical, which is working with Global Research & Discovery Group Sciences (GRDG), its advanced scientific research unit, has laid the foundation of its future, focusing on scientifically proven, high-impact solutions for global human problems. Impact Biomedical president Frank Heuszel said, “Each of these products — from antibiotics to food preservation to creating new ways to develop medicines — are on the cutting edge of biotechnology and will provide a strong foundation for future discoveries through Impact Biomedical and GRDG that are designed to make the world safer, help people have better quality of life, and raise the bar for what is possible.”

Impact Biomedical continues to advance R&D for drug discovery with GRDG.

Most importantly, Impact Biomedical will continue driving its mission-oriented R&D in advancing drug discovery in partnership with GRDG.  GRDG founder and Impact Biomedical Scientific Initiatives Director Daryl Thompson said that he believes that the research community requires a renaissance in which imagination and innovation and crucial to the biotechnical future that will help the world face growing biological threat. Thompson added that the outline research projects would be part of Impact Biomedical’s roadmap to become a leader in the world. 

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