Does A Sales Win Mean Anything For Farmmi Inc (NASDAQ: FAMI)?

Farmmi Inc (NASDAQ: FAMI) has highlighted its latest sales win. The company’s recent performance involved a decline in its stock by a margin of 1.12% to settle at $0.50.

The significant increase in sales that the company refers to as a sales win is good news to all the existing and potential investors. The company happens to the big name behind its subsidiary known as Zhejiang Forest Food Co., LTD. Farmmi seems pretty excited about the blissful business performance of this subsidiary.

The Israel deal

 The most recent big win happens to be the striking of the deal with Israel. The company discloses that its subsidiary has been winning follow-up business deals and many orders. The multi-product orders guarantee this company, which has focused on the supply of agricultural products in China high business revenues over the years.

The subsidiary is currently making the final touches in readiness to ship the multi-product orders to Israel. Farmmi speaks out on the most recent sales win and mentions the various products to be shipped. The products include the dried black fungus and the sliced-wholly dried Shiitake mushrooms.

The company links the tremendous growth in growth to how matters have played out on the global platform. The demand for its products continues skyrocketing on a worldwide scale. 

Zhang speaks out on the recent developments

Several company officials seem pretty excited about the most recent changes and have spoken about the turn of events. The most vocal official happens to be Farmmi’s CEO, Ms. Yefang Zhang.

 The official seems impressed by the impact of the global demand towards the acceleration of their business. She describes Farmmi’s business growth at the moment as pretty impressive, as she applauds the company’s global market position. 

Zhang emphasizes the great need to focus on developing deep and long-term supplier relations. She believes that the company has achieved quite a lot in that regard, adding that the move has been rather fruitful. 

The official also speaks out the company’s reputation and the way customers regard their excellent service delivery. The company sticks out as one of the most outstanding suppliers for the top quality agricultural products on a global scale. She looks forward to brighter times ahead where they succeed in their quest to capture a significant market share.

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