Dogness Corp (NASDAQ: DOGZ) Transports More than 3,000 Programmable Programmed Dog/Cat Feeders

Dogness Corp (NASDAQ: DOGZ) is a creator and producer of a wide-ranging line of Dogness-branded, OEM, and sequestered tag domesticated merchandises, today stated that it had delivered more than 3,000 of its 2L programmable programmed dog and cat feeders in June, with distribution of about another 1,000 units projected over the next two weeks. The company shares rose 10.31% aftermarket on Monday, June 14, and closed $2.41 a share.

Petco already transports a collection of Dogness merchandise in select storerooms and online, counting the Dogness Smart CAM Feeder, Smart Fountains, Travel Bottles, and more. The distribution of the Dogness 2L programmable automatic dog and cat feeders is the initial Dogness creation to arrive at all of Petco’s 1,600 trade stores, with extra availability online on the popular e-commerce site.

Silong Chen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dogness, remarked, “Our team endures to do an outstanding job circumnavigating the thought-provoking global source chain and logistics. We are functioning meticulously with our clienteles and associates to safeguard we have obtainability of the right catalogue to support claim over multiple quarters. Being able to support the requirements of an important client like Petco underlines our assurance and aptitude to achieve large-scale orders on schedule. This trustworthiness is dire as we continue to drive progress over the near and long-term.”

In other news, the company announced its incomes for the six months completed December 31, 2020, augmented 6.7% to $12.2 million from about $11.5 million for the same period last year. The upsurge in income was chiefly attributable to higher transactions of the company’s smart pet merchandise. Transactions of smart pet merchandise augmented 60.3% year over year, accounting for 27.6% of full income for the six months completed December 31, 2020, equated to 18.4% of total income in the year-ago period. The company presumes sales of its smart pet products, which characteristically have greater vending values than other old-fashioned pet products, will endure to upsurge based on its order accumulation and deliberations with clienteles worldwide. Gross profit enlarged by about $1.0 million or 26.7%, to about $4.8 million for the six months ended December 31, 2020, from about $3.8 million for the six months ended December 31. 2019.  

Dogness Corp (NASDAQ: DOGZ) was established in 2003 from the conviction that dogs and cats are vital, well-loved family members. Through its smart merchandise, sterility products, fitness and wellness products, and tether products, Dogness’ know-how streamlines pet existences and improves the affiliation between pets and pet caregivers. 

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