Dogness Corporation (NASDAQ: DOGZ) Gains 16.37% after Costco Announces Featuring of Its Products

Dogness Corporation (NASDAQ: DOGZ) jumped 16.37% following the announcement that Costco Wholesalers Corporation (NASDAQ: COST) will be featuring Dogness in its new Moore, OK, and Little Rock, AR stores. 

Dogness to rollout smart pet items in October 

A large-scale rollout is expected in October in preparation for the holiday season. Dogness smart pet items such as the Smart Treat Dispenser, Smart Water Fountain Plus, and Smart Cam iPet Robot will be available in the new locations, which will open next month.

Dogness CEO Silong Chen said they are delighted to extend their partnership with Costco, a valuable partner. Chen said that several of the company’s best-selling smart pet items would be displayed prominently at Costco, helping to create awareness and boost sales. Additionally, Chen indicated that as they continue to expand and into additional new locations, the partnership will offer Dogness extra upside.

Various Dogness products to feature on Costco shelves 

Featured products that will be on Costco shelves include Dogness Smart Treat Dispenser, whose built-in distance treat-dispensing enables the owner to keep pets guessing. All you need is to fill the Dogness Smart CAM Treat with your favorite treats and start awarding your pets. The other product is the Dogness Smart fountain. Plus, whose sleek and easy-to-use pet fountains have hit with robust demand for variant 3.2L. Continued clean water flow eliminates bad tastes and odors typical with traditional water bowls, encouraging pets to drink more water.

Equally, the smart ultra-modern Dogness Smart Cam iPet Robot will be featured. It boasts a 350-degree view, view and record functionality, built-in HD camera, laser pointer for play, two-way audio, and treat storage for rewarding good behavior. For pet lovers, this the ultimate safety and monitoring device for your pet with extended battery life. 

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