Dymapak and Plastic Bank® Sign Partnership Deal with Plastic Bank to Advance Sustainability Efforts

Dymapak and Plastic Bank® have agreed to sign a new partnership deal that will help strengthen efforts to deal with ocean plastics. A close focus on the anticipated market growth of the packaging industry by 2027 is an important area of focus, and analysts have a lot to say about it. Reports project the growth to stand at almost 1.6 trillion, which will probably positively impact the environment. The partnership was launched along with Hexo Corp (NYSE: HEXO) in June 2021.

Efforts to safeguard the environment

Dymapak speaks about the environmental degradation that plastic substances continue to cause, outlining that it will continue the fight. It considers Plastic Bank to be a partner that shares its vision of stopping plastic disposal into the ocean and hopes to achieve more together. Dymapak works with targets in most of its undertakings, and this time around it will be about preventing the dumping of more than 6,524,275 plastic bottles in the ocean. The company appeals to all its partners to become contributors to its initiative of environmental protection. 

Analysts applaud Dymapak for how it continues upholding the highest of standards in most of its operations. The company’s CEO, Ross Kirsh, speaks about how guarding the ocean against pollution resulting from the dumping of plastics continues to be a matter of great importance to them.

The leaders’ perspectives

 He welcomes Plastic Bank in the new deal and hopes that their cooperation will be meaningful and progressive. Kirsh refers to Dymapak as an ethical business that deserves ethical partners. The leader believes that they found such a partner in Plastic Bank.

The founder and CEO of Plastic Bank, David Katz, opines, “We’re excited to partner with Dymapak—a company that shares our vision and ethos on creating environmental, social and economic impact. By supporting ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities, Dymapak is setting an industry standard that will have a meaningful impact on the health of our planet.”

Plastic Bank purchases plastic from the collectors, helping them earn a living. The products are recycled and used in more meaningful ways. 

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