E2open Parent Holdings Inc (NYSE: ETWO) Streamlining Supply Chain Process

E2open Parent Holdings Inc (NYSE: ETWO), a network-based provider, announced that the company is working with Tesco PLC to build a platform to streamline and modernize the supply chain process, starting from procurement to payment.

Tesco to utilize the E2open platform: As per the company’s announcement, TESCO PLC will be replacing its current transport management system. The company will utilize the E2open platform to execute transport systems, increased visibility, supply collaboration, and invoice processes. E2open’s platform manages the entire supply chain from a single platform in the cloud. The platform integrates all business activities, starting from production, logistics, inventory, global trade to channel activity. Tesco will leverage the E2open platform to align and collaborate with all its suppliers and transport service providers, as the company serves nearly 4,000 stores globally. As the company believes, there is no room for error in the supply chain given the competitive environment.

Help to increase the visibility: The usage of the E2open platform will help Tesco increase its visibility or monitor the entire supply chain management, including procurement of raw materials to logistics to payment. The platform covers all the areas of business operations. In addition, it will also lead to a reduction in overall costs, improve operating efficiency, and thereby provide incredible help to Tesco to avoid customer shortages.

E2open is creating a more flexible and connected supply chain platform seamlessly with all the day-to-day business activities. The platform will help its customer (Tesco) to improve its operating efficiency. The platform will also help the company to analyze if there are any shortages or demurrage fees. Moreover, it helps in improving inventory management. E2open’s platform will also facilitate ordering activities and enable its customers (TESCO) to fill its shipping containers and other assets. The E2open platform is preferred as all the complex information is conveyed in a single screen that contains data on production, sales, inventory, logistics, and global trade ecosystems.

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