Energous Corp (NASDAQ: WATT) announces obtainability of its 5.5W Lively Energy Reaping Designer Kit

Energous Corp (NASDAQ: WATT) has announced the obtainability of its 5.5W Lively Energy Reaping Designer Kit to permit at-a-distance wireless charging for the rising network of developed Internet of Things and other associated expedients.

Solution accomplished of sustaining wireless charging for devices, smart construction expedients, and other IoT presentations

Energous’ solution comprises a devoted transmitter that produces 5.5W of conducted power in a particular part or course via its RF-based, WattUp wireless charging expertise.

This RF-based vigor is reaped by Energous-enabled acceptance expedients, pooled with RF energy reaping IC expertise from e-peas. The Energous 5.5W active energy reaping explanation provisions “one to many” charging, permitting manifold devices to be concurrently charged from a single receiver.

Energous active energy reaping expertise applies to a wide variety of businesses and submissions, from drug storage screens and patient tails in a healthcare location to smoke sensors and motion antennas in an intelligent home to fault deterrence and other safety devices in an engineering setting.

“Energous’ 5.5-watt active energy reaping designer kit makes it calmer for creators of wireless expedients to assimilate active energy reaping into their solution, while providing dependable and harmless power echelons,” said Cesar Johnston, COO and EVP of Engineering for Energous. “This first of its kind expertise provisions a much broader range of IoT expedients that require definite levels of power not aided by today’s inert energy reaping skills and lays a basis for development in more power-critical submissions.”

Stephen R. Rizzone superannuates as President and CEO of Energous Corporation

Energous Corp disclosed that its President and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen R. Rizzone, has superannuated from the company after a sabbatical due to fitness reasons previous this year.

Mr. Rizzone will be obtainable to support the CEO’s Office in a provisional capability through the end of August 2021.

“Steve devoted the last seven years to the company with the goal of transporting RF-based wireless charging to marketplace,” said Dan Fairfax, Chairman of the Board.

A CEO hunt has been originated, and both internal and external applicants are being reflected.

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