Energous Corporation (NASDAQ: WATT) Up 12.75% After Attaining Interoperability Energy Harvesting For Wireless Charging

Energous Corporation (NASDAQ: WATT) gained 12.75% after the company, and Atmosic Technologies announced the attainment of the first radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting interoperability in the industry.

Energous pioneering wireless charging for various applications 

Energous’ WattUp RF-based wireless charging technology and Atmosic’s M3 Series chipset – the company’s energy harvesting technology that captures RF power – combine to open up the market for wireless charging up to two meters away for a broad range of connected consumer, industrial, retail applications. 

Atmosic and Energous are AirFuel Alliance® members, a global alliance of companies dedicated to a world where people can power up without plugging devices. AirFuel of Alliance, Chairman, and President Dr. Sanjay Gupta said that collaboration is necessary for technological improvements in wireless power and infrastructure and interoperability development to promote wider adoption. The Alliance’s spirit is embodied in the relationship between Atmosic and Energous to deliver cutting-edge goods to the market. Gupta said they are looking forward to AirFuel members continuing to lead the industry in innovation.

Atmosic and Energous combining tech for wireless charging interoperability 

Energous SVP marketing and business development, Neeraj Sahejpal said that they are excited to combine their technologies for interoperability to progress wireless charging. Neeraj added that Atmosic’s “forever battery” life vision matches with Energous’ “wireless charging 2.0” vision, and they are enthusiastic about enhancing wireless charging from over a two-meter. In addition, WattUp transmitter tech from Energous is suitable for applications in the booming industrial, consumer, retail, and IoT sensor markets.

Srinivas Pattamatta, Atmosic technologies marketing & business development VP, said Energous has been a pioneer in developing next-generation wireless charging tech and shares Atmosic’s goal of reducing device reliance on batteries. Pattamatta said they are delighted to integrate Atmosic’s cutting-edge RF energy harvesting SoC with Energous’ WattUp transmitter to unlock new possibilities.

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