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Engine Media Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: GAME) Announces Agreement with Esports Media to Monetize Digital Properties

Engine Media Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: GAME) has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Frankly Media signed an agreement with Esports Media Inc.

The agreement is an essential addition to the company’s existing esports and sporting publishing partnerships

The partnership with Esports Media is an essential addition to Engine’s current esports and sporting publishing collaborations, comprising the Vegas Sports & Information Network. The affiliation will permit Frankly to offer proficient leadership and day-to-day management to monetize Esports Media’s digital possessions counting the news outlet through uninterrupted and programmatic publicity.

Frankly will also evaluate and enhance the total source, recognize income growth openings, assimilate Engine’s advertising heap, and emphasize exploiting total income and enhanced operating competencies.

Through the affiliation, Frankly Media will deliver spectators’ perceptions and close data gaps to unravel new revenue conduits and convey more worth to Esports Media’s advertisers while remaining pertinent.

Benj Smith, Head of Frankly Media, stated, “This thrilling affiliation will permit us to influence our know-how and skill to aid Esports Media unravel new revenue conduits and grow their part of ad spend. is an exhilarating new platform and we are proud to partner with them as they continue to grow as a business.”

“Affiliating with esports media associates such as Esports Media is analytically vital to Engine Media’s long-term plans,” added Engine Media’s Chief Executive Officer Lou Schwartz. “Another vital piece for us was the worth of as an assignation channel and we are excited to begin this collaboration with Christian and his world-class team of esports experts.”

Christian Bishop, Esports Media’s Founder, remarked, “We are excited to announce this partnership with Frankly and be able to work with its knowledgeable management team. There are a lot of great publications in esports working hard to build a supportable business. This collaboration, along with beforehand announced partnerships with Midnite and Razer, will play a vital role in our aptitude to scale up our content conception across the board and create new pioneering content for our community.” is supported by a multitude of esports experts is supported by a host of esports experts, with its management team encompassing Vindex’s Sundance Digiovanni and Adam Apicella, AJ Vaynerchuk of Vayner Media, ESL’s Kevin Rosenblatt, Snapchat’s John Imah. The team also consists of Rishi Chadha and Justin Dellario, from Twitter and Twitch, correspondingly.

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