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Enhancements to Oracle Corporation’s (NYSE:ORCL) Opower Platform To Help In Customer Connection And Engagement

Oracle Corporation’s (NYSE:ORCL) has been soaring and hitting new hights, the stock gained another 0.43% in the previous trading session to close at $51.03. Here is another good news from the company.

Oracle customer engagement platform, Oracle Utility Opower has been enhanced to include four new experiences and over 100 enhancements for utilities to enable connection with residential customers. The innovations deliver measurable outcomes at scales, satisfied clients, cost-effective energy savings as lower services cost as well as new revenue streams and additional connected homes.

Opower revolutionizing

Dan Byrnes, the senior Vice president of product development at Oracle, indicates that with the increase in effective rates consumer technology on the edge and complex bills service delivery of these diverse needs of customer’s utility is equally becoming complex. He stated that point solutions could only serve pockets of customers, but with their Opower platform, the utilities can connect with many customers increasing engagement and satisfaction thus driving down service costs as well as grid demand.

Since breaking even over ten years, the Opower platform has been the most effective and complete utility platform for customer engagement in the industry. The latest innovations add new digital customer experiences that offer machine learning leverages that provide actionable energy intuitions as well as new program design that delivers measurable outcomes.

New enhancements and experiences

Research analyst Paige Leuschenr of Navigant Research indicates that the latest improvements on the Opower platform demonstrate Oracle’s ability to continue differentiating itself a major player in home energy management and also their relentless efforts in innovation to ensure customers attain savings as scale.

Some of the new experiences that customers will get include behavioral load shaping, digitized self-service transactions, personalized distributed energy resources as well as multi-channel customer education reports. The experience comes with over 100 new enhancements that amplify demand as well as customer care results. The new features include digital energy reports, adaptive intelligent recommendations, unauthenticated online audits, embedded web 2.0 insights as well as dynamic graphics.

Mr. Brynes stated that customers can rely on their utility for advice on energy saving, how to control their bills, how to adopt new technologies as well as how to employ the latest technologies. He adds that with the innovations they are helping customers to connect to their utilities.

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