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Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) Unveils Evolution Of Cellular IoT In Four Segments With New Solutions To Enable 5G Tap Digitalization Opportunities

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) gained 1.26%in the last trading session to close at $8.85.

Their stock has been consistent with a marginal gain in the past following the unveiling their digital evolution of cellular IoT and solutions that will allow service providers to leverage the IoT market such as manufacturing, automotive as well as utilities.

Cellular IoT segments

The company has outlined the evolution of cellular IoT in four segments that include Broadband IoT, Industrial Automation IoT, Massive IoT as well as Critical IoT. However, Broadband IoT and Industrial Automation IoT are relatively new segments. Industrial Automation IoT enables advanced industrials automation of application with increasingly demanding connectivity requirements. On the other hand, the other new segment Broadband IoT employs mobile broadband capabilities for IOT to support higher data rates at lower latencies compared to Massive IoT.

In line with their cellular IoT vision, the company is launching advanced massive IoT functionalities as well as new Broadband IoT solutions. For instance, they are extending the massive IoT NB-IoT to a range of 100km extending the standard range from 40km without any changes to the NB-IoT devices by upgrading software. The extension will open up IoT connectivity opportunities in rural areas, especially for environmental monitoring and agriculture. They are working with DISH and Telstra to deploy the NB-IoT data connections.

Ericsson has launched Broadband IoT solutions that include radio access network slicing, drone detection and link control, Advanced Subscriber Group Handling as well as Multi-gigabit LTE

Cellular IoT changing

Ericsson head of Networks, Fredrik Jejdling, states that cellular IoT is evolving and its changing from early adoption to the global rollout with Massive IoT. The company is giving their customers insights on what next and how they can leverage 4G and 5G investments on the network to address advanced IoT use in various industries.

The company’s evolution concept is a step by step process that shows how cellular IoTY can transform from primary massive IoT use cases to advanced and sophisticated Broadband IoT use cases such as drones and wearables and then to Critical IoT in autonomous vehicles and Industrial Automation IoT in manufacturing using collaborative robotics

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