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Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) Unveils Flexible Portfolio For Critical Network Capabilities And Broadband Applications For Private Networks

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) has launched for their service providers a crucial Communications Broadband Portfolio. The broadband network offering enables service providers to meet industry mission-critical and business-critical needs as well as of public safety agencies because of the increase in digitalization and modernization or mobile radio communications. The stock of Ericsson gained 3.54% to close at $9.36 in the previous trading session.

Even a slight disruption in communication can hugely affect business operations as well as have serious public safety implications. Therefore there is a need for efficient and reliable communication in a critical area such as for first responders and emergency services.

Development of a new portfolio

Ericsson is committed to meeting communications needs of users and as a result, they have advanced a new portfolio that has offers Critical Broadband A[application, Critical Network Capabilities as well as offering Flexible Deployment for Private networks as well as nationwide LTE networks.

The Products Area Networks Head, Per Narvinger indicates that the company enhances the growth of opportunities for government operators and service providers by focusing on new segments with capabilities of LTE/5G networks. Narvinger said that Ericsson’s critical broadband portfolio will effectively support customer’s communication needs in various sectors such as manufacturing, energy and utilities, public safety as well as transportation.

Critical broadband offerings

The portfolio offers advanced features that enhance network performance in a multi-network operation with shared spectrum techniques, high network availability as well as in covering capacity for critical applications. Similarly, it has network security capacity to enhance maintenance of network services even under attack.

The capabilities have features that can simplify broadcasting services rollout as well as enable operation in radio access sites in fallback mode in the event of a connection failure. The offering equally has deployable systems that give temporary coverage during operations and disaster recovery in remote areas without network coverage.

The offering has critical broadband applications that provide mission-critical video s, push to talk and data services that enable personnel such as the police to effectively perform community services that use advanced mobile broadband.

With changing business models, service providers need flexible and scalable critical broadband solutions for private networks that can be used as full dedicated networks. Ericsson is offering these solutions and they also offer Managed services

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