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Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Considers Removing Misinformation about Vaccines as Pressure Mounts

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) lost 0.88% to close the day at $162.50 in the last trading session. The stock has been faling since past week.

Facebook has said that it will look into removing misleading and false information on vaccines from the platform. The social media giant is looking to explore ways to combat or reduce the spread of the anti-vaccine information surfacing on social media.

Anti-Vaccine Recommendations Leading to Vaccine Hesitancy

False information discouraging individuals from getting their kids vaccinated merely has gone viral on the social media giant especially in groups which have been created within the platform. The scenario has led to a backlash as well as criticism as pregnant women are being targeted something which has caused a surge in the outbreak of measles.

As a result, the crisis caught the attention of Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) who sent a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg asking to address about the fake information which is spreading on their platform.

On the letter, Schiff asked the social media platforms to reduce or merely curb the spread of the misleading information which he referred to as a direct threat to public health. Moreover, the misinformation undoes the progress by the sector in tackling the vaccine-preventable diseases.

Facebook, through their spokesperson, has hence responded saying that it’s exploring some additional measures to combat the problem. The possible ways could be reducing or removing that specific content from recommendations which includes the Groups You Should Join as well as demoting it in the search results.

Other Social Networks Trying their Best

As much as Facebook has responded to the claims by the Californian Democrat, Google, for instance, has not made any response but it has reportedly begun cutting videos on its video service YouTube which have questionable content.

The anti-vaccine information is not good news to the World Health Organization which listed vaccine hesitancy as a threat of 2019. Several cases of measles were reported whereby out of the 53 confirmed cases, 47 of them were children not vaccinated.

There’s no denying that for the current world, social media is perhaps the fastest means to get and spread information. But it’s now clear that misleading information is about not to have a place in the social media platforms.

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