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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Doesn’t Enforce Its Numerous Policies On Misinformation and Violent Content

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is being accused of being unable and sometimes unwilling to enforce policies that prohibit specific content that violates its policies. According to The Wall Street Journal, the social media giant has come up with a raft of policies this year to improve the platform’s discourse but has failed to enforce the rules when users break them.

Facebook lax in enforcing its policies

The company has faced pressure externally and internally to crackdown toxic content and, as a result, has rolled policies to fight hate speech, foreign election interference, and COVID-19 misinformation. However, an analysis has shown that the company has failed to follow through on the policies despite users flagging content that violates policies.

The Journal reported over 150 pieces of content that the company confirmed had violated the rules. But Facebook’s review system let the content depicted or praised violence to stand almost three-quarters of the time. In September the Journal had also reported 276 pieces of content that violated the rules against violence promotion or spreading misinformation, but the review system only removed posts in 32 instances. After directly contacting Facebook about their other 244 posts, the Journal reported that Facebook had established the 50% of the post should have been removed and eventually removed most of them.

Facebook says it reviews user reports and screening of content with AI tools

Sarah Pollack, the spokesperson of Facebook, indicated that The Wall Street Journal’s analysis didn’t reflect the overall accuracy of their moderation system. she added that Facebook’s priority is to remove content depending on its severity and possibility going viral. To review over 100 billion content pieces daily on Facebook, the company conducts reviews of user reports and screens content using AI tools.

This is not the first time Facebook is facing scrutiny regarding how they enforce their policies. Recently the company was under fire for its anti-militia policy for failure to take action on groups and user accounts promoting violence against protester’ in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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