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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Introduces Instagram Lite App For Users In Low Connectivity Areas In 170 Countries

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has announced the launch of a revamped Instagram Lite app for emerging markets that will allow users in low connectivity areas to use most of the platform’s video and photo sharing features. The launch comes after almost three years of planning, and the Instagram Lite will only take 2MB of space in the phone.

Facebook launches Instagram Lite App in 170 countries

The company introduced the Instagram Lite app first in 2018 in Mexico before launching it in Peru, Kenya, and the Philippines. Last year the app made its debut in India, and now the company has expanded the app to 170 countries globally. The android-only version of the app comes with basic bells and whistles around video and photo editing, sharing, and viewing as well as the ability to create and vies stories, add stickers, Explore discovery and recommendation algorithms, and IGTV. Since the launch is in 170 countries, it is coming with language support for those markets.

Interestingly, since it is whittling down the experience that the full—fat 30MB Instagram takes in Android and iOS devices and a lot of mobile data consumption, the app will launch without some things. Most graphics have been left out, with the ability to make TikTok-like Reels, dark mode, advertising, end-to-end encryption, and shopping all left out. There is no iOS or feature version of Instagram Lite. The company said that things such as ads and dark mode will be included in future updates.

Facebook Lite app enjoys over 200 million monthly active users

Facebook has teased Instagram Lite in various forms for the past three years, and it is hitting what has been a receptive market for the social media company. According to Tzach Hadar, Tel Aviv-based product management director of Facebook’s Lite apps, said that currently, Facebook Lite has over 200 million MAU. This is just a fraction of the billions of users that use Facebook but represents a way of getting those new to the platform or those that face financial or bandwidth challenges.

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