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Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Introduces The Unsend Feature For Facebook Messenger Similar To WhatsApp’s Delete for Everyone

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has been on a downward trajectory in the last few days after leaping at the beginning of the month. In the previous trading session, the stock lost 2.35% to close the day at $166.48.

Facebook has not been doing well in the last few months, and the rallying of their stock is due to changes they have been making including the latest enhancement on Facebook Messenger that allows you to un-send a text.

The “unsend feature” on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has rolled out the ‘unsend feature’ for its Facebook Messenger that has been rumored for some time now. Sometime last year users discovered that Mark Zuckerberg could delete messages in the app leading to requests for Facebook to make the feature available for all users. Facebook had announced that they were working on the ‘unsend feature’ which they have actualized and is available for all Facebook users

A statement from Facebook describing the new feature read, “Have you sent a message accidentally to a wrong group of friends or mistyped the text or simply wanted to remove the message from the chat? You are not alone! Starting today, we are launching the ‘unsend feature’ that allows you to remove messages on Facebook Messenger easily.”

The unsend feature is available for Android and iOS users in the latest version of Facebook Messenger.

How does the feature work?

The ‘unsend feature’ works the same way as Whatsapp’s ‘delete for everyone’ option. However, for the Facebook Messenger, the users will have approximately ten minutes to decide whether they want to unsend the message they sent on the app.

If you have sent a message and wished to unsend it, then you will have to long press on the message on the Messenger app to get prompt of removing the message. There are two prompts the ‘Remove for everyone’ and ‘Remove for you’ option, and you will have to select your option choice to undo the message you had already sent.

‘Remove for everyone’ deletes the message from the users you had shared the message with and the ‘Remove for you’ deletes the message on your end only.

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