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Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Is Working On A Social Audio App: Expects To Introduce A Copy Of Clubhouse Soon: Mark Cuban Competes Using Its Fireside

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is well known for stealing ideas from its competitors. The social media giant is reportedly set its eyes on social audio after its CEO – Mark Zuckerberg participated in a room of Clubhouse to discuss the future of AVR (Augmented Virtual Reality). Mark has shown interest in social audio after the popularity of Cubhouse skyrocketed recently.

Why Clubhouse is so famous?

The popular app – Clubhouse offers voice chat from thousands of people from across the world in rooms. It offers a service offered by the party lines of the telephone in the past. However, one can access Clubhouse on iPhones through invitation at the moment. It will soon be unveiled for Android. The users can install the Clubhouse app on their iPhone and start listening to the audio of people from anywhere in the world.

In the early stages of development

According to Times, a copy of Clubhouse is in the development at Facebook. However, the time and date of the launch are yet to be announced. It is just after five days of Mark’s participation in Clubhouse chat and a shocking fact. It is no secret that Facebook may now clone Clubhouse. The company did the same for other apps like Reels and Stories. Reels is a competitor of Facebook to TikTok whereas Stories is acquired from Snapchat.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is developing Spaces

Microblogging platform – Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is also working on a copy of Clubhouse called Spaces. It is in the beta stage. The company took over Breaker, a social podcasting company, to augment its efforts in social audio.

Mark Cuban develops a live audio app

The co-founder of Falon Fatemi and entrepreneur, Mark Cuban is working on Fireside, the next-generation platform to facilitate podcasting. Fireside facilitates conversation between listeners and the podcaster. According to the latest trends, many tech people think audio is the future for communication and trying to get onboard before someone takes a lead.

To take on Zoom Video Communications Inc’s success in video chats during the coronavirus pandemic, that forced people to work from home, Facebook introduced its Rooms Video Group Chat facility.

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