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Facebook Progressing In The Integration Of Its Apps Following The Linking Of Messenger And Instagram Direct

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has taken a major step in integrating its platforms following the announcement of cross-messaging functionality linking Messenger and Instagram Direct in different ways. This will allow Instagram users to message friends on Messenger without having a Facebook account.

Facebook integrates Messenger and Instagram

This is the first step in the integration of Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp that the company announced in 2019. The move is expected to cement Facebook’s dominance in the messaging segment, which will arguably even make it harder to break the company that is facing an antitrust probe in the US. Currently, the company’s three messaging apps boast more than 1 billion active users each month.

Facebook is testing the ability of Messenger and Instagram users to video chat or message with each other is select markets with the feature expected to be expanded in the coming months. However, the company has not elaborated on the issue but indicated that Instagram users will have to opt-in to enjoy the new functionality. The company didn’t offer a timeline on when the functionality will be made available for Whatsapp users.

Facebook seeks to eliminate confusion when using apps

According to Facebook, they want to give users the best experience when using the messaging options. The company indicated that most people indicate that having many messaging options can confuse a third of users, saying they find it hard to remember where to find a specific conversation. Facebook is now seeking to do away with this confusion having users manage their messages through a single unified platform.

In March last year, the social media giant teased pans about the integration of its messaging apps. The aim was to have WhatsApp users messaging friends of Messenger and Instagram without downloading an extra app or switching between apps to view messages. Ahead of the announcement that Instagram’s Product Head Vishal Shah said this was a huge infrastructural investment when reporters asked about challenges that could occur if regulators wanted the businesses to be separated.

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