Fathom Digital Manufacturing Set to Go Public Via $1.5B SPAC Merger with Altimar Acquisition Corp II (NYSE: ATMR)

Fathom Digital Manufacturing Corporation has operated as an on-demand digital manufacturing services provider over the years, and today it has some exciting news. It is about its resolution to go public via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) merger involving Altimar Acquisition Corp II (NYSE: ATMR).

Details about the transaction

Reports show the transaction as bearing a pro forma enterprise value that stands at about $1.5 billion. The financing of the transaction has been agreed upon already. There will be a combination of an $80 million fully committed PIPE (Private Investment in Public Equity) at $10 per share and ATMR’s cash in trust. The terms and conditions apply in every stage of the transaction, according to reports. 

Reports show the SPAC sponsor, who happens to be an HPS Investment Partners, LLC affiliate. 

More interesting facts come to the limelight upon the recent pronouncement, including the majority owner in Fathom. The majority owner happens to be CORE Industrial Partners, which is a Chicago private equity firm. It is a firm that mainly focuses on North American industrial technology, manufacturing, and services businesses.

One of the most outstanding attributes about Fathom happens to be how it moves about the use of its proprietary software platform. It is rather impressive how it manages to blend in-house capabilities across metal and plastic additive manufacturing technologies. The outstanding blending is also easy to see through its employment of advanced traditional manufacturing technologies.

Focusing on business leadership

Good leadership happens to be a somewhat rather crucial aspect of the growth and the development of any business entity or company. Therefore, Fathom exudes high levels of confidence in its CEO’s capabilities to lead it. In other words, CEO Ryan Martin will continue to stay at the helm of the company’s operations, upholding his role. In addition, the CFO, Mark Frost, and Senior Partner at CORE TJ Chung will maintain their leadership positions as well. 

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