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FireEye Inc (NASDAQ:FEYE) Adds More Threat Detection Capabilities To Its Email Security Offering

FireEye Inc (NASDAQ:FEYE) has unveiled new defense features to beef up its email security system. The new defense features were designed using insights sourced from a real-life encounter with attackers. In their line of duty, FireEye’s incident response experts established the mechanism to detect and neutralize email attacks both malware and less malware.

Ken Bagnall, the vice president, email security at FireEye says that using the information gathered in the process of defense the company’s experts develop formidable techniques to detect and flag attacks before they occur.

Bagnall adds that “The speed and flexibility with which an email security solution adapts separates the good from the best. FireEye Email Security – Server Edition continues to detect an average of over 14,000 malicious emails per customer per month that get past other email security services.”

Executive impersonation Protection

Among the most notable defense features built in the updated email security system is the executive impersonation protection. This ranks among the most dangerous malware-less attacks. Attackers are continually formulating means to scam users, and they have realized that employees tend to respond to emails from their superiors, particularly executives since they appear official and legit.

FireEye through its Email Threat Report established that about 19% of malware-less attacks were executive impersonation emails. In a direct response to this information, the company designed a new technique that protects the end user (employee) from display name and header spoofing the two aspects that make it possible to impersonate executives.

This cutting edge technology catches literally what traditional email security features misses thus flagging such emails. The technique works by cross-referencing incoming mail headers with the company’s Riskware policy usually designed by the admin. When these headers fall short of the policy or indicate the slightest sign of impersonation, they are neutralized immediately.

Other security features in the FireEye Email security – Server Edition

Attachment Detonation Customization (guest images), a technique created to counter malware designed to execute under specific circumstances to disguise from sandbox detection. Through these features, administrators can create a guest image that tricks the file to execute after which it is countered.

Another security feature present in the FireEye email security is the Full URL Rewrite that protects users from disguised malicious links by rewriting the URLs in the email and rooting out suspicious URLs.

Next is the Passwords in images capability. This is executed by the enhanced detection Multi-Vector Virtual Execution™ (MVX™) engine which uses passwords hidden as images within emails to analyze password-protected files that traditionally bypass sandboxes detection.

MalwareGuardTMis another security tool adopted the FireEye email security. MalwareGuardTMleverages on machine learning capabilities. The security solution has been under development for two years now and defends end users against emerging threats that easily bypass regular security solutions.

FireEye climbing Stock

Investors are beginning to believe in the company’s product lines. They have responded by bidding up the company’s stock by 0.71% pushing the stock to close at $16.91 during the Thursday trading session.


The shares traded to a high of $16.96 and low of $16.45. As of the trading session, the company has a market capitalization of $3.33 billion.

A new line of products to drive in revenue

With the increasing security threats to enterprise businesses, email security is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. While constantly revamping its cybersecurity offerings to maintain a lead, FireEye will sure reap big.

During the previous quarter, the company reported a 4.2% increase to $127 million in product and related subscription. The revenue growths were driven by increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions where the company witnessed multiple contract renewals and new customers in equal measure.

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