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Footwear Brand Settles for Celebros by Bridgeline Digital Inc (NASDAQ: BLIN) to Support Ecommerce Strategy

Bridgeline Digital Inc (NASDAQ: BLIN) happens to be one of the leading providers of cloud-based marketing technology software. Today, it spoke about its footwear brands list and how its optimism about Celebros Search capabilities continues growing. The stock has a market cap of $43.61 million, and has a 52 week low high range of $1.62-$14.38.

global footwear company and its business focus

One of the most outstanding attributes of the global footwear company happens to focus on producing signature high-tops. It has been in business for many years, and that is from 1908 to date. 

Its popular basketball shoe has a long-standing history, according to reports. It was unveiled back in 1917. One basketball player has moved into a store complaining about sore feet after wearing footwear he had purchased earlier.

The leading brand takes pride in its chain of stores spread out worldwide. However, it is a game-changing opportunity following the Indonesian subsidiary’s move to use the service of Celebros as a way to improve its online experience.

Celebros proves its value and beats the rest in the same category.

There happen to be many other athleticwear websites under Celebros parent group, and it is impressive how it continues to prove its significant value. One of the most outstanding attributes about Celebros happens to be its capacity to drive traffic. It also happens to be pretty good at raising the average order value on the other sites in its group and boosting conversions remarkably. Nevertheless, analysts opine that there is still a lot to do to enhance the footwear brand.

The President and CEO of Bridgeline Digital Inc (NASDAQ: BLIN), Ari Kahn, opines, “We were able to prove our value with the other sites and we know we can recreate that success. Improving site search is just the first step, there is so much more we can do to maximize their conversions and delight their users.”

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