Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) and General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) Changes Chairman Title to Gender Impersonal Chair

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) Chairman Bill Ford will no longer work as the Chairman of the company’s but will still be in charge of the company.

Company’s board votes to amend its laws

The board of directors of Ford Motor Company voted last week to amend its laws that saw it now adopt gender-neutral language. In addition, in a recent filing with regulators, the company states that its Chairman would be called its Chair.

It is seen as a big move in Corporate America, which men have historically dominated. The move follows the promise made by many American companies to employees and shareholders that they would follow a more inclusive policy and also focus on diversity efforts after the MeToo movement and George Floyd’s murder last year.

“Our parts at Ford aren’t gender select and these variations help limit uncertainty and back to the all-encompassing and impartial culture we’re fashioning,” Ford spokeswoman Marisa Bradley said in an emailed statement.

A spokesperson for General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) disclosed that the company had detached the “chairman” designation from CEO Mary Barra in interchange for “chair” in May. He said the company had not altered its bylaws but made the variations within and its website.

Ford Electric Vehicle sales rise 117% in June

  • In other news, Ford announced that the sales of its electrified vehicles have risen 117% in June. It caps off a new first-half sales best of sales of 56,570 vehicles. That’s a new all-time sales record motivated by new products.
  • Its Mustang Mach-E sales equaled 12,975 vehicles, while F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid added an extra 17,039 vehicles to the whole. Escape Hybrid and Escape Plug-in Hybrid deals equaled 15,642 – up 45.9 % over last year.
  • Selling orders for Ford and Lincoln automobiles are up more than 16- fold this year over last. With automobiles turning at most extraordinary amounts on dealer stacks, Ford and its sellers have enlarged retail remits, which are being packed as semiconductor chips become obtainable.
  • Ford’s total marketing truck deals stretched 2.6% in the first half of the year, adding 420,403 pickups. F-Series sales equaled 362,032 trucks with tight portfolios, while Ranger had its best first half since 2005 on whole pickup sales of 58,371.

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