Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) Strengthen Partnership With TVL

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to provide a massive range of factory-fit options for security products.

Strengthen Partnership: Ford Motor Company stated that the company and TVL security had made their partnership further strong by offering a different security product as factory-fit options for Ford transit and Ford Custom across Europe. In addition, TVL security has been working with Ford for several years with their patented Replock, which is already available as a factory fit option.

As per TVL, this was the extension of their offering and developing aftermarket security products for Ford and strengthening their partnership. Both the teams have been working closely for a long time to develop and manufacture a product that is the exclusive version for the Ford commercial vehicle. The new product is expected to deliver optimum performance and also protected a van operator.

Working to improve vehicle security: Ford continuously works with security players to improve their vehicle security to get the desired results for the money they pay. For example, the new product developed with TVL helped the van operator have their new vehicles delivered and ready for use. In addition, customers will have assurance on the security provided by TVL, and most important is that it comes with a Ford warranty. In addition, the cost of the security is already included in the total vehicle cost, and the vehicle operator can get the finance for the same and no need to pay the extra premium.

As per the feedback from various van operators, Ford continues to improve vehicle security and is one of the critical concerns for Britain’s traders and builders. As for builders and traders, it is not only vehicle thief that worries them, but also the tools inside the vehicles. So, the partnership with TVL is a step further to help serve customers better and keep the vehicle safe.

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