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Frontier Communications (NASDAQ:FTR) Prepares Customers For Winter Storm Harper By Offering Preparedness And Safety Tips

Frontier Communications (NASDAQ:FTR) has urged its customer to be ready and prepare for the Winter Storm Harper. The company encouraged the customers to prepare the communication emergency kit that comprises power charging devices, access to important phone numbers, accounts information’s as well as other supplies.

Company preparedness

The company has already activated its Emergency Response Centre that is responsible for the coordination and management of its preparedness and response. The following steps are in progress:

  • Ensuring all company facilities has sufficient emergency network supplies
  • Verifying that all field technicians’ supplies and safety equipment are in place
  • Ensuring that there is enough fuel for emergency generators and fleet during and after the storm
  • Organizing for the welfare and safety of their operations employees
  • Carrying out supplies inventory of what is required to restore network after the storm
  • Constant communication in the period of the storm

Frontier’s East region vice president, Julie Murtagh, indicated that safety of their customers is a priority and they are currently taking steps to reinforce their facilities as well as ensuring that there is service throughout the storm. Since the company knows how important communication is during a disaster the company is equally preparing their customers for the same.

Preparation of customers

The company has encouraged customers to have a FrontierStorm Ready card that can be easily accessed. Some of the tips provided to customers include

  • Snapping essential documents such as certificates, insurance policies, and passports among others and storing them watertight containers
  • Have a recovery plan that provides for potable water, batteries and charging for mobile devices
  • Have in hand local emergency numbers
  • Use Frontier Secure cloud service to store contacts and other important information in case your phone will get lost.
  • Forward home phone calls to a wireless number in case of an emergency or need for evacuation
  • For customers with cordless phones, they should consider the traditional corded phone, so they can plug to the phone jack if the need arise

The frontier voicemail service powered through the network will help in communication in the event there is no power. The Frontier phones lines have sufficient power to use the corded phone and be operational.

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