Future Fintech Group Inc (NASDAQ: FTFT) Subsidiary In Dubai To Focus On Crypto Asset Service And Digital Currency

Future Fintech Group Inc (NASDAQ: FTFT) is pleased with the successful establishment of its subsidiary in Dubai. The company outline that the subsidiary will help with the provision of the crypto asset and digital currency services. The company makes a move when it is focusing on ramping up operations to boost its management business.

 The expansion of service delivery

This leading blockchain-based e-commerce business seeks to expand its service delivery in Dubai and hopes that the latest move will pay off. Analysts have applauded the company’s move because the UAE has remained rather friendly to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology over the years.

The fintech service provider discloses how the UAE has been moving about its operations since 2021. The one outstanding attribute was the country’s introduction of several preferential policies that resulted in the attraction of many global blockchain technology companies. As a result, most of those companies set up their operational bases in Dubai, making the city rather vibrant in matters to do with cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The essence of blockchain technology

FTFT Capital seems determined to make all the moves that will bring about the possibility of it rising and becoming a full financial service provider. It will be seeking to take advantage of blockchain technology to set up a robust financial services platform. It outlines that the platform will play a significant role in providing diversified financial products to global institutional investors. It will also be targeting high net-worth investors. 

The CEO of Future Fintech, Shanchun Huang, believes that the set up of a  financial services platform based on blockchain technology could be one of the most significant and progressive moves they could ever make. 

Huang opines, “We believe that the establishment of FTFT Capital Investments LLC in Dubai will be a landmark event in the field of innovative financial services.”

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