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Gig Economy To Impact American Jobs

The head of the Northern California chapter of the Teamsters union known as Aloise has been trying to bridge the gap between the companies and the labor union. The need to organize the drivers has taken the center-stage in the talks and might strike a deal soon. It was recently that some 25 Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE:UBER) drivers went to court to fight for their rights as workers.

What do the companies want?

The companies in question remain open to creating better conditions for the drivers. For example, they expressed their readiness to increase the drivers’ pay and promote them in terms of ranks. However, they still insist on upholding the trend that drivers will continue to be regarded as contractual workers. Maintaining the same thoughts would mean that the drivers wouldn’t be entitled to hourly minimum wage like the rest of the employees.

Aloise says that both parties look forward to reaching a remarkable consensus, but that will take some time.

In back in 2016, Aloise went to San Francisco, the location of Uber Technologies Inc.’s headquarters. The official became a part of talks that spun about a month, and they were also attended by then-President Barack Obama’s former campaign manager.

President Obama once made a fuss about becoming an uber diver after his term in office. In the early stages of Trump’s leadership, the union seemed to come out quite strongly. The California judges and legislators might have strengthened the association after they downplayed the whole thing about referring to workers as contractors. According to the judges and the legislators, it was inappropriate to keep calling persons central to running any company’s operations contractual workers.

Aloise reaches out for a consensus

Aloise comes out as someone interested in pushing for a consensus, which is coming out clearly in most of his undertakings. The official expressed dissatisfaction with the kind of unions who keep staging fights with the motive of remaining relevant among their workers. According to the official, the right thing is to stay flexible and open to new ideas as long as they are favorable.

People have been expressing different opinions regarding the most recent developments that seek to have Uber drivers as workers. Joe Aiston, who happens to be a lawyer at Taylor Wessing, loves the latest developments. He says that there are chances the new changes might positively impact the gig economy and most businesses that work with independent contractors.

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