Gilead Sciences, Inc (NASDAQ:GILD) Sciences Supports India Fight Covid-19 With Its Remdesivir Vaccine

India continues to move through a rough patch, considering the significant surge in Covid causes and deaths in the country. Gilead Sciences, Inc (NASDAQ:GILD) wants to support the ailing country, and that is why it is providing technical help to its voluntary licensing partners. It seeks to help de-escalate matters in a country with the second largest population in the world.

The set of new local facilities

The company has also declared that it will support establishing new drug manufacturing facilities in the country. It has also revealed its plan to start donating active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), a move that will enable it to make significant contributions to the production of remdesivir in large quantities. 

India has already Remdesivir, and the needy persons can use it. However, the approval is on a restricted emergency basis. The laboratory-confirmed and the suspected Coronavirus patients have already started utilizing Remdesivir. Both children and adults have been using the product, even those experiencing the most devastating conditions.

Gilead Sciences has done more than offer support to licensees to boost their drug production capacity. The company donated almost 450,000 vials of Veklury® (remdesivir), a move it hopes will help the country move out of its current devastating condition.

Mercier’s perspective

The Chief Commercial Officer of the company, Johanna Mercier has been touched by the devastation in India. He describes the surge of COVID-19 cases in the country as a major cause of concern. Outlining that India deserves all the help it could get from the international community.

The official also discloses how the Covid-19 surge has mounted significant pressure on the local communities, making life unbearable for most of them. According to the leader, the health systems also happen to be under intense pressure, but shows his gratitude over Gilead’s move to step in and help.

Mercier says his company will remain committed to its promise to help India tackle the Covid-19 crisis. The company expresses its willingness to join forces with India’s government to help people benefit from remdesivir. The company also looks forward to collaborating with the health authorities and its voluntary licensees to de-escalate matters in the country and save lives. 

The company has about seven licensees within India. Gilead admits that all of them have played a significant role in helping accelerate production.

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