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Gogo, Inc. (NASDAQ:GOGO) Announces Installation Of 477 Net Aircraft With Satellite In-Flight-Connectivity Taking The Total To Approximately 1,300

Gogo, Inc. (NASDAQ:GOGO) has announced that they have installed 477 commercial aircrafts with the satellite in-flight connectivity technology. The satellite in-flight connectivity installation occurred in 2018.

The additional installation increased their net aircraft with the in-flight connectivity technology bringing the total commercial aircrafts installed with the satellite technology to 1,296 by the end of last year.

IFC milestones

The installation was the second year that the company had a consecutive installation of the in-flight connectivity technology to over 450 aircraft. By the end of last year, the company indicated that they already had installed and activated 2Ku technology in 1,007 aircrafts that it categorized as AOL or Aircraft Online.

Over 252 aircrafts got the Ku technology installation and the AOL category. There are around 37 aircrafts that Gogo has installed with the 2Ku tech in although they have not recorded them as AOL. Currently, the company has over 1000 aircrafts that have the 2Ku installation in their backlog.

Changes in commercial fleet

Speaking on the milestone that Gogo has achieved, the CEO and President, Oakleigh Thorne, indicated that they would continue making in-flight connectivity installation in aircrafts. He stated that the shift of the company’s global in-flight connectivity technology installed fleet is expected to improve the connectivity experience to Wi-Fi

Similarly, the 98% availability of the 2Ku technology in combination to IFC will also enhance the services they offer customers regarding in-flight Wi-Fi.

Mr Thorne also indicated that Gogo was proud of the dedication and commitment of their engineers in producing high standard technology. He added that the advancements solidify Gogo’s position as a global technology leader in satellite in-flight connectivity.

The Gogo learning centre provides in-depth information and content about the in-flight connectivity installations as well as products and entertainment that they support. Access to additional information on IFC technology is available on

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