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Google Launches Pixel 5 Phone, New Chromecast, And A New Feature For Holding Calls

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has launched a series of products that include its Pixel 5 phone following the Pixel 4A phone launch in August. Other products launched include a new Chromecast as well as a Nest-branded smart speaker, Nest Audio.

Google’s “Hold for Me” feature helps in holding calls

They also launched the ”Hold for Me” phone feature, which will put your call when on hold in the hands of Google Assistant. You can simply monitor calls on hold using a speakerphone. The feature is available for the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A phones in The US. It is an optional feature that one can enable in Google settings, similar to other features like call screening.

When you call a toll free number and put on hold, you can easily monitor the line with Google Assistant as you embark on what you were doing. Once an agent picks your call, you will receive a notification, which will be a vibration or sound and a screen notification while the agent is also asked to wait for you to take the call. Sometimes if you are nervous and want to monitor what is going on, you can see that in real-time on your screen.

Google launches Pixel 5 phone

Google’s launch of Pixel 5, just like its previous flagship phones, has been leakers, and the leaks are part of the company’s marketing strategy. The latest launch adds 5G supports to the company’s rota, which went live on Google Store before the launch. It begins at $699, and the camera adds night sight in portrait and Portrait Light to the camera. With this new phone, the company has added a bundle of services being referred to as Google One.

The new Chromecast starts at $50, and it has a new remote having an Assistant button and other buttons for high-profile streaming services. Google TV’s tagline is “A more helpful TV,” which appears to be Android TV that updated recommendation engine and offers enhanced search results and aggregate streaming subscriptions.

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