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Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Introduces AI Tools To Refine Searches And Enhance Passage Recognition

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has announced new artificial intelligence (AI) tools that will help in refining Google searches. The host of tools focus on AI and machine learning to enhance search results, including a new spell checking tool that the company says will help identify poorly spelled queries.

New tools use an AI algorithm to enhance Google search

The new tools will also enhance passage recognition, understanding main moments in a video, as well as understanding subtopics of particular topics. There is a spelling algorithm focused on improving misspelled words and minimize mistakes. The search giant says that the spelling algorithm employs a “deep neural net” to enhance recognition of misspelled words and give the right results in just 3 milliseconds. Google has indicated that the new AI spelling tool will offer enhanced spelling on Google search compared to its improvements in the past five years.

Prabhakar Raghavan, the head of Google search, said that around 15% of daily Google search queries are the ones that Google hasn’t seen before, which means the company has to work to enhance results. This is mostly due to misspelled queries. Cathy Edwards, the engineering VP at Google, said that one in ten searches is often misspelled. For long Google tried to refine this by asking the “did you mean” feature which suggests correct spellings and now the AI spelling tool which will be rolled at the end of the month can offer better suggestions within milliseconds.

Webpage passage searches are also refined

Also, Google search has been enabled to index individual webpages passages instead of the whole webpage. This new technological addition makes the specific passage (R) more relevant to a particular query relative to a broader page on the topic (L). Google claims that technology will enhance search queries by 7% across all languages. For instance, if a user uses a phrase like, “how do I determine if there is UV glass on my house windows,” the tools can now find a specific paragraph on a DIY forum to give you an answer.

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