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Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Is Offering Free Stadia Premium Edition Bundle To YouTube Premium Subscribers

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) wants to bring more gamers to its cloud gaming service, Stadia over the holiday season by giving YouTube Premium subscribers free Stadia Premier Edition bundles. Each bundle includes a Chromecast Ultra and Stadia Controller.

YouTube premium Subscribers get free Stadia Premium

With the promotion, YouTube subscribers will now get the $100 Stadia edition for free which is an initiative aiming at helping them transition to Stadia. Already the supply for the promotion in the US has run out, but eligible UK-based subscribers can still get it. Notably, the Chromecast Ultra in the promotion is the older model and not the recently launched Chromecast with Google TV. The company said that the latter would have Stadia support sometime in 1H 2021.

However, for those that are not YouTube Premium subscriber and wish to join now, they will not be eligible for the promotion. The offer is available to subscribers that had subscribed as of November 6, 2020. Subscribers will also need to have an existing Stadia account or create one using the same account they use for YouTube subscriptions by November 29, 2020. You can sign up to the Stadia Pro for free for a month to get the bundle and then cancel the Stadia Pro anytime and keep the hardware. Interestingly one has to redeem the offer that is available in first come first basis by N31, December 2020.

Stadia introduced the Family Sharing feature

Stadia cloud gaming service launched a year ago and has since enriched its library with some of the most popular titles. The titles include Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla which arrived on the platform the same time as other platforms.

The service has continued to expand, and recently Google released additional features to Stadia such s Family Sharing. With this feature, one can share their Stadia Library to a family member or friends without any additional cost. The move aims at increasing user traffic on the platform, and it is among the company’s recent initiatives in the push to on-board more gamers.

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