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Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Launches Free VPN Service For 2TB Google One Subscribers In The US

There are several VPN services users can use to protect their security and privacy with an encrypted internet connection, and now Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has launched its own.

Free VPN for Google One cloud storage subscribers

Technically, Google had VPN services, but the feature was available for Google Fi cellular subscribers using Android devices. The company has now announced that it will have a free Android-based VPN for a2TB Google One cloud storage subscribers in the US. Google says that it will expand the feature to subscribers in other countries and those using Windows, iOS, and Mac in the coming months.

Subscribers need to have a 2TB Google One plane that costs around $9.99 per month and $99 annually for them to get the free VPN. Google said that it is ready to build advanced security to all its products. Therefore the VPN will extend the security by encrypting all online traffic in a phone irrespective of the browser or app. The company said that the VPN has been integrated into Google One app for safe internet connections.

VPN enhances security and privacy of connections

Besides protecting sensitive data as it travels online such as login credentials and credit card details, VPS also hides one’s IP address. It can allow private downloading or streaming content. The company says that it will not use the VPN connection in tracking, log, or selling browser activity, and the identity of a user’s online activity cannot be revealed through the VPN. Interestingly the VPN can be shared by Google One service to around five family members the same way they already do with the 2TB cloud storage plan.

According to Android Authority, the move to open free VPN access seems to be strange to come from Google. This is because the company is known to generate revenue through monitoring internet data since it is a data-driven company. The free offer is likely to have a conflict of interest regarding the company’s direction in terms of data privacy.

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