Great Panther Mining Ltd (NYSEAMERICAN: GPL) Resumes Mining at Tucano’s UCS Pit as it Unveils Production Results for the Second Quarter 2021

Great Panther Mining Ltd (NYSEAMERICAN: GPL) has reported resumption of operations at its Tucano Mine in Brazil. In addition, it recommences the mining of ore at the Urucum Central South (“UCS”) open pit, outlining that the resumption has been ahead of schedule. It has explained the reason behind resuming earlier than expected, citing that it had experienced a significant improvement in the conditions affecting the stability of the west wall.

Explaining the early resumption in operations

The company’s CEO and President Robert Henderson opined, “The radar measurements of the west wall have shown a considerable reduction of movement compared to the earlier levels recorded over the past two months, and improved weather conditions are resulting in greater wall stability.”

The leader admits that a delay in gaining safe access to the ore from the UCS has been one of the factors that impacted their production for the second quarter. As a result, the company experienced low production, but it is glad it is changing. It has high hopes for something better in July. 

Great Panther Mining reports on how production started ramping up in July. It expresses optimism into the future, speaking confidently about the possibility to mine the higher grade ore not mined in the second quarter in quarters ahead. 

State of operations

The operations seem to be progressing quite well, with reports indicating the removal of about 1.4 million tonnes of unstable weathered waste material. This is a report on the activities conducted at the upper west wall of the UCS pit.

The other report has to do with the improved water drainage in the upper oxide section of the deposit as the pushback operations progress. 

It is a heavy operation that will see the experts remove a further 1.2 million tonnes of waste material, and that will be in the form of the designed pushback.

Great Panther Mining reveals how it has been conforming to all the strict safety protocols. It is all about ensuring worker safety.

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