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Gridsum Holding Inc (NASDAQ:GSUM) and H3C Partner to Advance the Digitalization of Industries and Enterprises

Gridsum Holding Inc (NASDAQ:GSUM) and H3C have struck a strategic partnership aimed at promoting integrated digital solutions. Following this announcement, Gridsum stock escalated 17% that morning. Gridsum stocks are still currently rising with an 11.34% gain in stock prices during the recently ended trading session having closed the day at $4.32 after opening at $3.8 and trading to a low of $3.67and high of $4.4.

Gridsum and H3C Combined Vision

Gridsum Holding Inc is a trailblazer in the provision of cloud-based big-data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in China. Their advanced Artificial Intelligence technology is stellar with technology such as the Gridsum Prophet that puts it at the forefront in Artificial Intelligence technology in the country.

Their partner company, the New H3C Group, is a world-class digital solutions provider. H3C offer efficient digital platform solutions for use in areas like Big Data, Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, Dig Security, Big Interconnectivity, Big Surveillance, and Artificial Intelligence.

The chief executive officer of Gridsum, Guosheng Qi, expressed the sentiment that their partnership had a similar vision for the future. He applauded H3C as helping drive innovation of digital solutions across China.

He said, “We are excited to have the opportunity to work with them (New H3C) to apply our cutting-edge technologies to the manufacturing process.” He also remarked on how he was confident that the partnership would contribute to China’s industrial transformation and digitization efforts tremendously.

Gridsum and H3C Predicted Benefits

Gridsum and H3C believe that in combining their technologies, they will create a conducive environment for the transformation of the industrial sector and enterprise digitalization. This is so stated under the terms of the agreement the two had. In accord with this agreement, the partnership will build a platform to promote digitization and industrial transformation.

The partnership, furthermore, intends to deliver on their corporate consumers the ability to reduce costs methodically, improve on management of the manufacturing process and improve efficiencies that will propel China’s digital economic development. Their combined technology will help promote the implementation of integrated intelligent solutions in China.

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