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Gridsum Holding, Inc. (NASDAQ:GSUM) Ranked Third In The 2018 AI Challenger Global Contest For Their Commitment In NPL

Gridsum Holding, Inc. (NASDAQ:GSUM) has announced that they got third place in the 2018 AI Challenger Global Contest for their work in Natural Learning Process. The event was co-organized by Meituan Dianping, Sinovation Ventures, Meitu, Inc. and Sogou, Inc. (NYSE:SOGO).

What is AI Challenger?

AI Challenger is a global contest for AI talent where individuals compete on dataset and programming. Its aim is supporting the development of AI talents through rich data and quality resources to solve global issues by integrating AI research and business applications.

In the 2018 AI Challenger, over 10,000 teams were participating drawn from all over the World. The teams contested in more than ten brand-new datasets in various areas that included English-Chinese Machine translation, opinion questions reading comprehension machines as well as the user review’s fine-grained sentiment analysis the most popular category in which Gridsum ranked third.

Natural Language Processing technology

Natural Language Processing technologies are critical when making consumptions decisions based on online reviews. As a result, a fine-grained sentimental analysis is very vital in aiding the machine to establish an understanding of sentence structures as well as context.

For the NPL technologies to produce efficient sentimental mining on user comments, they focus more on the succession of a chain of words rather than focusing on single word meaning. The technologies can effectively be applied in catering services, retail, e-commerce, as well as in scenarios that involve user reviews.

Gridsum CEO, Guosheng Qi indicated that they were pleased to rank third in the category of fine-grained Sentimental analysis for user reviews.

He indicated that the company has consistently been committed to putting resources into research on NPL and the AI Challenger was the first opportunity they got to show their strong NPL competences in the analysis of different user comments and experiences.

The CEO acknowledged the Gridsum team members for their commitment to improving in such a competitive category. He indicated that the company would continue developing and bringing innovations in AI and NPL solutions aimed at giving better services to their clients to allow them to make informed business decisions.

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