Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Co (NASDAQ: HOFV) Declares Health Initiative In Consolation With The NFL Alumni

Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Co (NASDAQ: HOFV), the only entertainment, resort, and media company mainly focused on the power of professional football, announced partnership with NFL Alumni Health, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NFL Alumni Association, as an initiative of sports safety research. 

NFL Alumni 

NFL Alumni Health will support relationships across health that would generally assist in bringing together a team of leaders of neuroscience recovery and brain optimization for the athletes. In addition, they will help build the state-of-the-art, 5,000 Square foot facility of the research and laboratory department that will be located inside the Constellation Center for Excellence situated at the Hall of Fame Village sponsored by Johnson Controls in Canton, Ohio. 

Increasing Performance 

This team of medical professionals will work on the solutions through research  that will improve athletes performance along with their wellness and health. In addition, this program analyzes the outcomes and studies the impact of both kinds of sports, whether juvenile or professional sports, on the body and mind of the former and current players. 

The basic formula to analyze this scenario is developing a scientific process that will more specifically assist in improving the performance of games and sports overall and optimize the quality of the sports career. 

Moreover, Michael Crawford, President and Chief Executive Officer of HOFV, said that when envisioning the constellation center for excellence, their goal was to serve as the core of sports-related exploration and programming. This alliance with NFL Alumni Health and this initiative dedicated to enhancing brain health will result in the constellation center of excellence. He also adds, the Hall of Fame Village powered by Johnson Controls will serve as houses for some of the top minds in thousands of youth and professional athletes from all over the country every year. He mentioned that it is an exciting and important day for their firm, and they look forward to all the possible health and safety advantages.

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