Happiness Biotech Has Agreed To Distribute Electric Cars From Volkswagen

Happiness Biotech Limited (NASDAQ: HAPP) is an innovative dietary and nutraceutical supplements producer and e-comm service provider based in China. It recently announced that its subsidiary that’s also based in China, Taochejun Automobile Distribution Ltd, had agreed with Guang’an Ruili Trading Ltd to buy and sell 1213 electric vehicles from Volkswagen jointly

The agreement stated that Ruili and Taochejun would jointly buy 1213 electric cars from Volkswagen at a total purchase price of around $14.10 million. Ruili is a vast auto trading company that’s located in the Chinese Province of Sichuan. It has a wide variety of social resources and business relationships in the region.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Xueahu Wang, said they are happy to work with Ruili on the project. He further stated that even though Taochejun is a newly established brand, it has still managed to achieve rapid development with the help of other bigger auto trading companies like Geely Technology Ltd and, of course, now Ruili. The latter company has helped them get over 1000 electric cars from Volkswagen at a considerably affordable price. This has allowed Taochejun to give their users substantial discounts and help strengthen the company’s ability to both attract more customers and obtain high-quality vehicles.

About Happiness Biotech Ltd

Headquartered in the Chinese Province of Nanping, this company has two distinct business segments: e-commerce and dietary and nutraceutical supplements. The dietary and nutrition supplements sector concentrates on developing, manufacturing, marketing, and researching different products manufactured using herbal extracts found in China. Over the last 17 years or so, the company has managed to establish a product portfolio that consists of about 32 nutrition and dietary supplement-based products.

Its e-comm business, on the other hand, concentrates on providing e-comm solutions and services to both small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s goal for the e-comm side of the business is to help enable small and medium-sized businesses to grow using the power of e-commerce.

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