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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) Gained Following Acquisition Of Determined AI To Expedite AI Innovation With ML Models

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) announced the acquisition of San Francisco-based startup Determined AI. Determined AI offers a robust and powerful software stack for faster AI models training at scale through its open-source ML platform.

HPE acquires Determined AI

HPE will incorporate Determine AI’s exceptional software offering with its cutting-edge high-performance computing and AI offerings. This will allow machine learning engineers to implement quickly and train ML models to offer accurate and quick insights from data in almost all industries.

The company’s SVP and general manager, HPC and Mission Critical solutions, Justin Hotard, said that as the world enters the Age of Insight, customers recognize the need to add machine learning to offer better and faster answers for data. Hotard stated that AI-powered technologies would be vital in translating data into readily available, relevant insights to power this new era. The open-source platform developed by Determined AI enables machine learning developers to construct models quickly and deliver business value within the shortest without concerns about the underlying infrastructure. He said that they are delighted to welcome the Determined AI team to the HPE family.

The open-source ML training platform from Determined AI helps researchers and scientists save time they could have used in developing and training their models. Therefore it enhances efficiency and allowsresearchers to focus on innovations and expedite delivery as it cuts in cost associated and complexity of machine learning development.

Determine AI looking to create cutting-edge solutions following a combination

Determined AI CEO Evan Sparks said they are delighted to join a company like HPE whom they share a vision on AI’s potential. In the past several years, AI application building has become data, communication, and highly compute-intensive. Sparks said that the combination of HPE’s cutting-edge HPC and AI offerings would help the company accelerate its mission of developing world-class AI applications.

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