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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE:HPE) New Displays And Accessories Accelerator To Help In Doubling Partner Incentives And Benefits

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE:HPE) has been gaining since in the past few weeks and in the last trading session, the stock lost 0.50% to close the day at $15.84.

The reason behind the gain is the doubling of incentives and befits from the various new Displays and Accessories with the new enhancements likely add more value and additional profits for new partners.

Displays and Accessories Accelerator

The expected launch of the Display and Accessories Accelerator in the United States is an additional extension to the current HP partner first program which will equip the channel partners with the necessary tools and solutions that enable growth of individual business needs while at the same time enhancing exploration of alternative ways of future expansion.

The AMS Channel programs and Enablement Head at HP, Gary Simms stated that HP has always been keeping tabs on the rising trends and growth opportunities that will drive the company to profitable growth for their business channels. Simms said that they are excited to provide the new accelerator as the company looks to double on their Displays and Accessories in the United States as partners leverage the incredible opportunities resulting from the current market conditions.

Benefits to partners

Because of the rapidly expanding Displays and Accessories landscape and also the valuing of the partners in the space the D&A accelerator will double the incentives and benefits of the Platinum and Gold PC partners in the U.S on numerous commercial displays and accessories that include commercial displays, workstation accessories, commercial desktop accessories, workstation displays as well as detachable accessories.

The enhancement comes at the back of continued efforts by HP to grow the industry’s largest portfolios of Print and Personal Systems through arming the Platinum and Gold PC partners with the best product support and services to enable them to address their customer needs.

Since HP is a channel company, the enhancements reinforce their obligation to partners in advancing their commitment to aid in accelerating channel growth through relentless innovation.

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