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Himax Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:HIMX) Announces An In-Cell Touch And Display Driver Integration Design Win For Korean Smartphone Manufacturer

Himax Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:HIMX) has announced that they have secured an In-Cell Touch and Display Driver Integration (TDDI) design win for a Korean smartphone manufacturer. The announcement happened during their 2018 third quarter conference call in which they revealed top have secured design wins for major smartphone manufacturer, automotive displays as well as other application scheduled for shipping in 2019.

Adoption of TDDI by smartphone makers

Himax technologies CEO and President, Jordan Wu, indicated that the company was pleased to announce the securing of several design win in the last two months. He indicated that smartphone makers keep refreshing the capabilities of their designs and the adoption of TDDI is gaining traction among phone makers.

TDDI is turning to be vital because it is cost effective and it also saves some space to allow for the addition of new smartphone technologies such as 3D sensing technology. The CEO indicated that the company had developed various applications in most of their business segments with TDDI sales leading as the most reliable growth driver in 2019.

TDDI market prospects

A 2018 HIS report indicated that the marker for TDDI would continue to grow in 2019 by 34.2% moving from 380 million sales last year to approximately 510 million sales in 2019. During the third quarter conference call, the company indicated that they had secured the TDDI capacity with present and new fabricators with the aim of supporting fully their rapidly growing TDDI business.

The company’s TDDI ASPs show superior features compared to conventional display drivers, and therefore Himax expects to have significant TDDI sales which will increase their year-over-year revenues as well as increase their profitability.

The company’s TDDI design win at a leading Korean Smartphone manufacturer puts them a step closer to beginning its shipment. Himax expects to have its first shipment in the first quarter of 2019, and they are looking towards expanding to more models.

The TDDI design win is among the additional design wins that the company has secured with tier-1 smartphone OEMs as well as other clients. HIMAX is looking to double their TDDI sales as well as year-over-year market share.

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