Hims & Hers Health Inc (NYSE: HIMS) Unveils New Product Bundles as it Focuses More on Sexual Health

Hims & Hers Health Inc (NYSE: HIMS) notices growing demand for safe, quality sexual health offerings. It wants to tap into the demand to boost its revenue streams. It wants to monitor the global sex toy market, which is expected to rise and hit the $36.1 billion mark over the next six years. There will be the need to draw a close link between the situation and its product offerings.

The shift resulting from the pandemic 

The company also speaks out regarding the Covid-19 outbreak and how it almost had its consumers leading more active sex lives. It has also been linking the increased sexual experimentation to its product offerings and figuring out the changes it could make to tap into the massive opportunity in front of it.

Hims & Hers points out the need to help consumers feel more secure in their sexual experiences as its primary motivation to develop the top quality product bundles.

It seems pretty excited to reach a new milestone where it is currently focusing on some two kits that pull along with a great selection of popular sexual health products.

The conversation around sex toys, dating apps, and overall sexual health

A large section of society has over the years held back when it comes to conversations around sex toys, dating apps, and overall sexual health. However, the stigma around such topics seemed to subside at the onset of the deadly pandemic. Hims & Hers noted the cultural shifts witnessed as the world drew closer to a new equilibrium which eventually catapulted a growth opportunity for its products.

The company has quickly noticed the growing appetite for products that facilitate safer dating and intimate experiences, and so it wants to make matters much more fun and enjoyable.     

The co-founder and SVP of Brand and Innovation for Hims & Hers Hilary Coles opines,  “From the introduction of access to at-home COVID-19 testing kits, online therapy, psychiatry and more, we’ve been able to provide people with high quality health and wellness offerings as we collectively navigate the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic.”  

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