His and Hers Health Inc. (NYSE: HIMS) Accelerates the Company’s Scale in Dermatology by Acquiring Teledermatology Specialist, Apostrophe

Personalized dermatology has continued to become a significant area of interest to hundreds of households. And according to the CEO co-founder of His and Hers Health Inc. (NYSE: HIMS), Andrew Dudum, it is time they took up serious the provision of modern tailored health and wellness experiences to consumers. To deliver on this, the direct-to-to consumer virtual care company says it is in the process of acquiring Apostrophe, an entity specializing in the skincare space and also a multi-specialty telehealth platform. 

The finer details of the transaction remain unknown even though it is likely to close during the third fiscal quarter of this year. However, Dudum acknowledges the investment citing that it will fast-track their dermatology business. “…In the seven years since its founding, Apostrophe has built a brand that… has attracted and heavily engaged GenZ and Millennial consumers… We are excited to welcome the Apostrophe team to the Hims & Hers family,” the CEO admitted

Apostrophe Serves Millions of People Who Want Access to Board-Certified Dermatologists

While everyone desires to have access to a certified dermatologist, sometimes, it can be frustrating to identify one. Nonetheless, there is an expectation that the creation of a clinical platform by Apostrophe will facilitate the modification of treatment plans. The plans will bring some of the most refined and custom-made combinations of oral medications and formulas on board. 

Part of the Apostrophe’s leadership team includes world-class dermatology experts who will help run His & Hers. It is worth mentioning that an affiliated Apostrophe pharmacy is currently licensed to fulfill topical formulas and verbal medication orders in 29 states. 

The founding of Hims and Hers in 2017 resulted from a need to keep a tab on men’s sexual health and wellbeing. However, this would quickly turn into a company advocating for women’s health, mental health care, and COVID-19 testing. In 2020, the company had a face-off with a competitor RO when it unveiled its plans to enter the dermatology space. Today, RO’s prescription products include medical-grade antiperspirant, eczema treatment, and dandruff shampoo. 

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