Histogen Inc (NASDAQ: HSTO) Announces Beginning of HST 003 Stage 1/2 Pilot for Knee Cartilage Renewal

Histogen Inc (NASDAQ: HSTO) announced the beginning of its Stage 1/2 scientific pilot of HST 003 to assess the security and efficiency of human extracellular medium (hECM: HST 003). It is inserted within microfracture spaces and the tendon flaw in the knee to restore hyaline gristle combined with a microfracture process. Scientific sites partaking in the pilot include OasisMD in San Diego, CA, The Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO, and Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.

“The start of the HST 003 scientific pilot as a cure for the revival of knee tendon marks a major landmark for Histogen as we put our efforts on developing best in class orthopedic therapeutics with our original recreating medication stage skill,” said Richard W. Pascoe, Histogen’s President, and CEO.

About the HST 003 Trial

This double-blind placebo-controlled pilot is intended to assess the security and efficiency of hECM inserted within microfracture spaces and the tendon flaw in the knee to restore hyaline tendon in grouping with a microfracture process. Prime and secondary endpoints will include security imposts, MRI to assess cartilage renewal, Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS), and International Knee Documentation Committee (IKDC) notches assess discomfort and common purpose.

About HST 003

Histogen’s humanoid extracellular medium, or hECM, is envisioned for redeveloping hyaline tendon to cure articular tendon flaws with novel supple support that rouses the body’s branch cells. In numerous preclinical models, HST 003 has been revealed to restore mature tendon and well-vascularized bone, representing great healing latent in the sports medication, spinal disc overhaul, orthopedic, and dental areas. 

Studies conducted by external specialists established that HST 003 is anti-inflammatory, angiogenic, and can arouse the development of stem cells in injured areas to encourage tissue renewal. However, the most widespread in vivo work in creatures has fixated on the restoration of new hyaline tendon and bone in full chunkiness knee wounds.

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