Histogen Inc. (NASDAQ: HSTO) Jumps 16% After Releasing Promising Phase 1 Emricasan Study Results in COVID-19

Histogen Inc. (NASDAQ: HSTO) jumped 16.16% after the company and Amerimune LLC, its partner, announced the top-line resulted from the phase 1 study assessing emricasan’s safety, preliminary efficacy, and tolerability in the treatment of patients with mild symptomatic COVID-19. 

Emricasan shows favorable safety and tolerability profile. 

Compared to placebo, emricasan demonstrated favorable safety and tolerability over the 14-day dosing period during the study and at the 45-day follow-up, with no significant side events reported. In addition, on day 7, patients who finished emricasan treatment experienced a complete cure of the symptoms most typically associated with mild COVID-19, such as cough, headache, and fatigue, which lasted until day 45. 

Similarly, some critical observations about clinical outcomes, laboratory data, and drug target-linked biomarkers were made. For example, all patients in the active medication group saw improvements in caspase biomarkers, but patients in the placebo group continued to exhibit COVID-19-related symptoms and laboratory findings.

Principal study Investigator at Sunny Downstate Health Sciences University Raavi Gupta said that the phase 1 emricasan study, which was conducted in an outpatient setting, highlighted the drug’s safety and potential clinical value in treating mild symptomatic COVID-19 individuals.

Emricasan removed all COVID-19 symptoms in patients. 

Amerimmune LLC CEO Oral Alpan said that the results not only showed complete and early resolution of COVID-19-related symptoms in the emricasan group, but they also provided significant insight into disease mechanisms. This will be critical in developing COVID-19 therapeutic options. In addition, Alpan said they are pleased to collaborate with Histogen to bring Amerimmune’s expertise to the emricasan research program as an example of how physician-owned diagnostic laboratories are vital in medical advances and the development of novel medicines.

Richard Pascoe, the CEO and president of Histogen, said that the findings support emricasan’s substantial clinical safety record and strongly imply that it could be developed as a therapeutic option for mild to moderate COVID-19 and other viral inflammatory illnesses.

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