Hope Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: HOPE) Has Mary E. Thigpen On-Board, and Romeo Power Inc (NYSE: RMO) Appoints New President and CEO

Hope Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: HOPE) announced that the company had appointed Mary E. Thigpen to the board of directors of the company and bank. The appointment is effective from August 1, 2021, the company announced. 

Thigpen brings with her a sea of experience

Thigpen has, in the past, held various positions in organizations. She brings to Hope Bancorp Inc years of experience. Thigpen has worked in the technology and communication industries in a career spanning nearly four decades and has closely worked with cybersecurity and data management strategies. She held the CEO position with OpsDataStore, Inc, which is a real-time analytic and artificial intelligence platform for IT Operations. Additionally, Thigpen served as CEO of North Plains, Inc., a digital asset management software company.

She started her career with HP Inc (NYSE: HPQ), where she held multiple positions with various departments, including sales and marketing, among others. Because of her expertise in operations, strategic planning, enterprise risk management, and product innovation, she has found a place on numerous boards serving the advisor role. Before being acquired by Pacific Premier Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: PPBI), Thigpen was a part of the Board of Directors of Opus Bank. In addition, her association with several civic and professional organizations has made her an active member of the Atlanta community. 

Romeo Power Inc (NYSE: RMO) to have a new President and CEO

Romeo Power Inc (NYSE: RMO) will have Susan Brennan as President and Chief Executive Officer. According to the source, the appointment will be effective from August 16, 2021. In a bid to pursue new opportunities, Lionel Selwood, Jr., will step down as President, CEO, and member of the company’s board, making way for Brennan. However, according to the company, Selwood continues to be associated with Romeo Power Inc. He will play the role of senior advisor and consultant, making sure that the change in guard takes place smoothly. 

Chairman of the Board of Romeo Power Inc is happy to have Brennan as President and CEO

Commenting on the change in leadership, Robert Mancini, Chairman of the Board of Romeo Power Inc, stated that he is happy to have Brennan as President and CEO. He also expressed that he is confident of Brennan’s contributions in scaling up the company.

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